Bais Tzvi Yosef is located in Kingston, PA in the heart of the Wyoming Valley. Established as a shul to serve the needs of the local Chabad Lubavitch and greater Jewish community, BTY has become an essential part of the greater Orthodox community offering Prayer Services, Holiday Programming, Jewish Outreach, Classes / Shiurim, Kosher food, and a Jewish Educational branch – Cheder Menachem.

Our Mission & Vision:

Bais Tzvi Yosef is a home open to all Jews, regardless of background, affiliation, or education. BTY is a Chabad Lubavitch Shul operating with the Chabad philosophy of inclusion of all Jews as guided by Halacha and Chassidic philosophy. The BTY Chabad community is comprised of families that readily avail themselves to the needs of local Jews in the Wyoming Valley and continually open their homes for Shabbos and Yom Tov meals to help provide for a traditionally genuine Jewish experience.

The Facility – Building a future:
BTY’s building is located at 17 Second Ave. in Kingston, PA. Just a stones throw away from the local Mikvah, BTY’s new facility is located within the Eiruv boundaries. With close proximity to both the Kingston and Wilkes Barre communities, BTY is positioned to serve Jews from both sides of the river. With over 7,500 sqft of space including a Sanctuary, Cheder Sheni, Simcha Hall, Farbreingen (Kiddush) Hall, Kitchen, Classrooms, and offices, BTY’s facility will iy”h continue to serve the communities needs as they grow in all capacities of Jewish life.