Kingston is now home to a variety of options when it comes to kosher food and dining!

The Kosher Market

The Kosher Market is a grocery and market that offers an array of kosher and heimishe products in many categories including dairy, dry goods, meat & poultry, snacks & candy, Paper goods, baking goods, and much more!

Kingston Pizza

Kingston Pizza is our towns very own pizza shop and has earned a reputation as having top of the line, delicious pizza! Open every Thursday (5-8pm) and Sunday (12-8pm), Kingston Pizza is the perfect place to stop in for a quick lunch or family dinner. All food is cholov yisroel and pas yisroel.

Location: 17 Second Ave., Lower level of Shul.

Kingston Grill

The Kingston Grill is open every Tuesday evening for dinner service. The grill features a rotating menu consisting of fleishig entrees and sides. Hop in for one of our special nights featuring delectable Mexican, Chinese, BBQ or a host of other options! All food is glatt kosher, lubavitch hashgacha and pas yisroel.

Location: 59 Parry St. Luzerne, PA 18709 (in Cheder Menachem).

For groups, or additional hours and information, call: