Membership & High Holidays

Thank you for visiting! On this page, you can pay for shul membership, get seats for the yomim noroim, and pay dues. Being a part of shul makes you an integral part of the continued growth and beauty that is the Kingston Anash community. Join us as we continue to build a bigger and better Kingston, and bring continued growth to yiddishkeit in the valley. Simply add the products below (multiple products can be added to the cart and paid for simultaneously).

For other shul payments, please fill out the following form (useful for general shul pledges and payments, such as Aliyos, Kiddushim, Etc.)

To pay by check or money order you may send your payment to:

Congregation Bais Moshe
425 Tioga Ave.
Kingston, PA 18704

May the Almighty bless you with continued success, nachas from your family, abundant health, and much happiness.

Thank you for your support!