Bais Tzvi Yosef has multiple Minyanim daily. We welcome both residents and guests to join us. Please see our schedule below:

Weekday Schedule:


Sunday: 9:00am

MondayFriday: 7:15am

Mincha & Maariv:


(Mincha approximately 15 minutes before Shkiah, see sidebar for current times, Maariv at Tzeis)

(Members see BTY WhatsApp group for more info. Visitors or chiyuvim please Contact Us for details or to confirm a minyan for when needed.)

Shabbos Schedule:

Erev Shabbos Mincha: 10 minutes before Shkiah

Kabolas Shabbos: 30 minutes after Shkiah

Shachris: 10:00am

Mincha: 20 minutes before Shkiah

Maariv: At Tzeis

Shabbos Mevarchim Schedule:

Tehillim: 8:00am

Shachris: 10:30am